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Q: Where does chaga come from and why are birch trees so important?
A: Wild birch trees grow in northern climates...

Q: What is so special about chaga?
A: It is a dense powerhouse of 215 potent and unique phyto-nutrients...

Q: What is superoxide dismutase?
A:  SOD is an antioxidant enzyme needed by the entire body. SOD is the main antioxidant...

Q: What are the benefits of chaga?
A:  There are many benefits to the use of chaga. Commonly, it is used as a daily tonic...

Q:  Is chaga safe?
A:  Yes. Chaga is completely natural and there have been no reported side-effects...

Discover the many benefits of chaga and more!
Books on wild chaga and other forest medicines. 100's of research articles on the many uses for chaga.
  Chaga is a wild growth of immense powers. Everyone needs more power. So, everyone benefits from chaga. Real chaga is truly wild. It grows in the far northern forests, where the ecosystem is intact. This is crucial, because there is a vast difference between wild plants which grow in pure nature and farm-raised plants. Chaga loves the remote wilderness, growing on wild birch trees. It consumes and concentrates the natural power of these trees. A polypore fungus, chaga is a true force of wild nature. It takes up to twenty years to mature. There is now man-made chaga grown in vats and labs. Do not accept cheap imitations.  
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